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well thats the pier made but.......

mr saddo



blog-0920095001346170174.jpgWell finished the pier mount for EQ5 head and bolted it on the scaff pole which is in a foot square of concreate......looks good .....but the vibration on top end is terrible!!! i even pored postcreat down the scaff pole to numb it out a bit. plan is a 2 - 3 inch pipe over the scaff pole and more concrete in.




Right ordered the 150mm flue liner pipe off e-bay £18 for 9 ft!! got it the next day!! very good service. i have chiseled 20 mm or so out for the pipe to slipe over scaff pole and concreated it a quarter of a way up, going to wait for that to set, then sink the box pier in to pipe set in concreate/ or post create quick set, thats the plan.



blogentry-9328-0-34158700-1346338406_thu margarine tub fits nicely on the scaff pole to center the flue pipe.

Now its rock solid!! wants to be enough gears gone in it!!blogentry-9328-0-13876200-1346522758_thu

well heres the scope on the peir blogentry-9328-0-06461900-1346869798_thu

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Thanks for posting this as even though I'm a beginner, I've got big ideas !!

Once I've discussed this with my other half,I plan to put a permanent mount in the back of my garden, slightly lucky i'am away from street lighting but will have to have a chat with both sets of neighbours regarding their security lights- damn nuisance at the best of times ..........

Regarding a suitable scope for this, would a 10 " be sufficient for my needs and I'am guessing at least a HQ5 mount??

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yep ive just done this, and behind the conifers there is a halogen light coming on and off!!! not happy. and a told you so off the wife!!

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Now if you had made provision for a bolt to be set in each corner of your concrete base and an angled metal strut bolted to the base and also to a plate at the top of you scaffold pole, it would finish looking like a skeleton pyramid, it would have killed the vibration and it should be very solid. just floating this idea for anyone els wanting to make a light but strong garden mounting, without putting in a big concrete/metal central pillar :)


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