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started off well but......bit of a night mare session

mr saddo



Hi, was out Tues night this week set up early, and waited for dark, was looking at Cassiopeia clusters on the bottom m tail half way down, thought i would put the eos 300d on and have a go at it.!! well what a pain trying to look though the small view finder in the camera and focus, i had to put Barlow in eos T ring for more mag, just could not see much. Took a few shots!! 001 frame dont know what this is suppose to be two clusters?!! i had to keep taking the camera out of tube and putting ep on to make sure object was still there and in some sort of focus.blogentry-9328-0-55258600-1345826618_thu

004 loads of noise in this frame if you zoom theres a lot of hot pixels? that was 12secsblogentry-9328-0-30300700-1345826742_thu

009 pic much the same just a red mass, again 12 secs. blogentry-9328-0-35322500-1345827138_thu

using bulb exposure, remote switch, mirror lock up, raw mode, canon eos 300d with eos ring with Barlow screwed in and straight up scope barrel focuses tube. SO FRUSTRATING. I even bought the book "making every photon count" this suppose to be for beginners, i would hate to see the book for experts, talk about rocket science!! i am getting my head round it! slowly.



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