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Venus Trans Rant

mr saddo



blog-0191055001339004628.jpgWell what a waste of time and money, i bet loads of us bought solar film to make a filter, but has usual the British weather did not play. I had to watch it on line via link in Norway, and Slooch web cam, which was good, the wonders of technology!! I managed to screen grab some images at 11.00pm and early this morning, 4.30 having looked out the bath room window east, but was low cloud and been raining.I wonder how many of us were geared up!! for a big let down.








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Too right Mr Saddo. I sold my TVR and bought a Lunt, got up at 3am, drove to the seaside, and stood in the rain for an hour.

Still, mustn't grumble!

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We were also clouded out here in Canada on (wait for it ...) 'The Sunshine Coast'. About half a dozen of us stayed by the seawall from 2.30 pm right until sunset around 9.12 pm in the hopes of catching the sun in the clear as it got low in the sky ... But no luck. At one point we did glimpse the sun through thin clouds but not enough to catch a glimpse of Venus. A couple of our club members placed their bets and headed out of town to where they hoped it would be clear. At least one of them was successful and saw the whole transit from Vancouver Island. Lets not get too upset - Venus passes in front of the Sun all the time - but mostly a little above or below our line of sight. Today of course, completely clear skies!

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Really poor here I watched it from 2300 the night before on Slooh

Great images grabbed


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yeah, we seem to miss all the good events in uk, either there on the horizon out of view or the weather is poor. i have not yet seen any of the meteor showers due to poor weather.

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I'm sorry that you were let down but in the end we are always prisoners of our own atmosphere. I read that many spent money to make it to Hawaii and that they only had part of the show due to clouds themselves. I was one of the lucky ones to have seen it but did not have your equipment though. I wish I did!


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yeah i made a filter £22 for the foil, managed to grab some images from live online via norway.where now in summer here and the nights are light till well after 11pm. always cloudy!!

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