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About this blog

This blog is for all those little projects that don't fit into the main categories.

Entries in this blog

3D Printed Chandelier for Living Room

The centre light fitting in my living room is looking tired and I want to replace it with something funky that fits my interests, like 3D printing and clocks as well as astronomy, so my idea is a giant 3D printed gear wheel with five globes as shades for LED lamps.  The gear wheel represents both 3D printing and clocks which contain lots of gears.  The globes can represent moons or planets.  Thinking about this, I guess I could add a star in the middle - I'll give it some thought.



Connecting Gigabit Optical Cable - Pot to Router

Gigaclear have provided optical fibre cable to our village of Upottery in East Devon with full Fibre To The Property at 1Gb/s both download and upload.  We are the first village west of Bristol to be provided with this ultra-fast fibre broadband.  They provided connection to a pot (like a water D head) just outside my premises and I am arranging the fiber optical cable connection from there right into my house and to the router they have supplied.  This blog describes the process of digging



Playing Old (and new) Vinyl Records

Decided to resurrect my vinyl record collection so bought a decent turntable, new loudspeakers etc.  This blog describes what I've bought and setting it up.



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