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The Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Astronomy/Stargazing

Hello! Welcome to the most intuitive guide on beginner astronomy  ever! First of all, if you are even the greatest astronomer ever, please show this to beginner astronomers as this may help them get a good start. I will also post in the description a video explaining everything I just said a bit easier. Other than that,  enjoy!   Getting Started Welcome to the great hobby of astronomy! First off, I would like to say three things about your new hobby! 1st: Don't expe



An Up-To-Date guide on astronomy with Electronics

Hello again! So, you just got the newest phone, and as an astronomer/astrophotographer/stargazer/sketch artist, want to have an app that shows you what's up that night. But the problem is that there is thousands of apps that show you everything in the night sky. Here are my top ten picks in order, and than after that some honorable mentions: 1. Celestron SkyPortal-ease of use, hooks up to Celestron Telescope 2. Star Walk- ease of use, makes life very easy for me 3. Star Rover



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