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About this blog

that being the occasional blog of nickdud.

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so after upgrading my focuser to a shiny new crayford and finding 10 mins of cloud free sky to test it, my mind and fingers started wandering across the web to find more stuff to spend my hard earned on. as i already own a canon camera it seemed like a good idea to buy a t-mount for it. i dont have a motorised mount but i figure it must be worth a go. i have done some "dark photography" before in the form of taking band pictures for a rock band(well, more for me really) and got quite good at taking flash free pictures with plenty of light beams. i am thinking it may be plenty more involved than that but i want to give it a go anyway.

deep in the back of my wardrobe i also found an old canon eos ix7 that,due to processing costs of aps film vs saving pics on a harddrive, is now redundent, also the camera is now worthless as a resale so it is kept for "old time sake". it does have one new and good use tho, while window shopping the other day i found some good prices on second hand digital cameras without lenses so i now have a spare lense waiting for a new body #result

i also have a 2x convertor in the bag that fits an ef lense and so todays lucky find has now been doubled in size(ooh err)

so next on the wishlist is a new camera body, a set of filters, several clear nights, loads of patience, an heq5, a bigger more expensive scope, a bigger more expensive more stable mount......etc

thankfully its monday tomorrow so i can go to work to pay for all these dreams!

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