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North-East Sky, Flashing Red Blue and White, What is this?

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I can see a flashing star in the sky which i first though was a plane. It did not move for several minutes so i looked at it with my telescope. It is flashing blue red and white. It is located in the constellation Auriga. Anyone in North America around to tell me what this is?

earth titan

earth titan

    Sir, are you absolutely sure? It does mean changing the bulb.

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That will be Capella. Gorgeous huh?

Typed by me, using fumms...

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Red,White and Blue? Isn't that taking Olymic Team GB celebrations a little bit too far?

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yeah thats capella..actually a pair of binary stars ( i.e. 4 stars )
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Capella with a bit of "Poor Seeing" sometimes it appears to dance about a bit also.....

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