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RG & B exposures - to register star colours

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Forgive the newbie question - I have recently moved over to a LRGB (Ha) filter wheel from my EOS body and have a question about colour exposures in general:

I have seen several images with colourful backdrops and yet colour in the stars too. To get the backdrop colour, my stars are clipping in the RG and B channels.

For instance I was imaging Rosetta Nebula last night - a 10 min Ha sub exposure was good enough to register the nebulosity above the noise floor - but even a 1 min R, G or B exposure was clipping many stars in the central cluster - yet offered no hint of detail at all in the background.

I found some images on the web with a different setup - which assumed 30min subs for Ha and 15min for R, G and B. The stars had fantastic colour too.
Is there a trick I'm missing?

kind regards

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