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From: Sgl - How To Use The Blogs

Posted by ant in SGL - how to do stuff., 07 June 2012 · 1,560 views

Hi All,

It'll take a little time to write all of these things up, but here is the first.

A guide to making an entry on your BLOG. Wasn't quite what I hoped adding content mid post, but I guess I still need to get...


Hmm MBP 2011 15" that I'm using is starting to die.. (along with 31,237 others)

Posted by NickK in Nick's blog, including AOSX (Astronomy on OSX), 17 December 2014 · 110 views

Well I spent the day yesterday receiving a corrupt hard drive after a sudden black screen and then blank on boot.. given 10 minutes it restarted.

Today I got another... exactly the same symptoms..


It appears it's a wide spread graphics chip issue caused b...


When shall we five meet again in thunder, lightning, or in rain?

Posted by Andy69 in Andy's Column, 10 December 2014 · 90 views

This week the challenge of finding a good dark sky site is tackled. Unsurprisingly the answer is to meet up with your local astronomy group which in my case was CLASS. Whilst your group and members will have different names I imagine the cast of characters will no doubt be similar.
Oh and Paul’s dog is actually called Tilly, the reason for pointing this...



Posted by Hawksmoor in Blog 19648, 09 December 2014 · 241 views

Last night, I stood and watched as my ten year old grandson looked through my old 10x50 binoculars and found for his first time; the Andromeda Galaxy and then the Pleiades. Looking out into space and back in time is and should always be very exciting! He was very pleased with himself. Binoculars are a great way into astronomy for the younger child. Negl...


Bright misty night

Posted by wxsatuser in wxsatuser's Blog, 29 November 2014 · 274 views

Bright and misty tonight.
Having a go at the M38 area.


big dilemma

Posted by crashtestdummy in crashtestdummy's Blog, 25 November 2014 · 316 views

Well I have now done about 15 hours polishing with nearly 10 hours through centre and I still have the same problems as before when the ronchi image flips through.when looking at the ronchi I don't get the same obvious centre circle as before but still showing the centre astigmatism.I'm pretty much doomed to going back to the tile tool and doing a few hou...


Another damp cloudy evening

Posted by Alienfox in Alienfox's Blog, 23 November 2014 · 255 views

So I have had my scope for a month now and have had only about 2 hours with it in the dark pointing upward.

And again this evening another damp rotten evening, so it looks like it's back to the books for another read on Astronomy for the newbie, me, I have purchased 6 in last 4 weeks and have read about 3, so still a few more pages to plough through, it...


ImPP (Image Post-Processor)

Posted by GreatAttractor in GreatAttractor's Software, 23 November 2014 · 418 views
lucy-richardson, sharpening and 2 more...

Image Post-Processor performs Lucy-Richardson deconvolution, histogram stretch, gamma correction and unsharp masking. Both a command-line tool and a graphical user interface (GUI) wrapper for processing of multiple files are available.

Discussion threads:


Home from a great holiday!

Posted by toftm in toftm, 16 November 2014 · 241 views

Home from a great holiday in the USA, finally got to tick Kennedy off my list!

Here's a little video :-)


observing night 21st/22 october 2014

Posted by mickmurphy in mickmurphy's Blog, 23 October 2014 · 402 views

Here is a list of a few thing i saw on the night/morning of October 21/22

M1 The Crab Nebula in the Constellation of Taurus
M45 also in the Constellation of Taurus
M36-37-38 in the Constellation of Auriga
M42 In the Constellation of Orion

And about 15 Orionids in a short period of time before the clouds rolled over and put an early end to my obseving fo...


Cocktails under the moon!

Posted by Faye92 in Faye's blog, 20 October 2014 · 359 views

Cocktails under the moon! The best nights!


SW 200 Dobson - Eyepieces - My mods

Posted by daiwelly in daiwelly's Blog, 10 October 2014 · 778 views

After changing my mind in July and going for the SW200 dob, I love it I have come up with a list of 2" eyepieces these include:
32mm panaview which will give me 38X mag, Purchased
SW SWA 22mm which will give me 55X mag on wish list
SW SWA 8mm which will give me 150X mag on wish list
SW SWA 3.5mm which will give me 343X mag on wish list. Well within the 40...


We're off and running..... well, walking.... well, maybe just milling around a bit.

Posted by Andrew W in Andrew W's Blog, 05 October 2014 · 376 views

So it's happened!

I've got a scope.

My initial intentions of getting a small refractor were well and truly side-swiped by RobH on here doing me a corking deal on his ST120.
Having thrown in some extras including the dovetail and scope rings, a basic electronic focuser, an old EQ3 mount and a couple of eye pieces within the price I came away a very happy...


The Effects of Air Velocity on Sound Waves

Posted by Geryllax Vu in Geryllax Vu's Blog, 04 October 2014 · 346 views

In the 1632 book entitled Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems by Galileo Galilei (translated by Stillman Drake), he presented his historically important ship thought experiment:

“Shut yourself up with some friend in the main cabin below decks on some large ship and have with you there some flies, butterflies, and other small flying animals....



Posted by andyin2014 in andyin2014's Blog, 30 September 2014 · 403 views

I will be traveling by car and want to transport my telescope. I have a refractor and I understand this type is the safest to transport, any advice?


Urser major

Posted by Jobie in Jobie's Blog, 26 September 2014 · 368 views

The sky is clear tonight, looking with the naked eye I caught sight of a star and there were other twinkling stars round it and also a line, having looked on the sky at night website I realised that it might be Urser majors galaxy. Has anybody else seen this?



Posted by American flyer in American flyer's Blog, 26 September 2014 · 311 views

Hi All
I bought a Nexstar6 se as I have always fancied looking at the planets and stars anyway I am all set up but it's been quite cloudy.
I have tried to focus on other things buildings etc but nothing comes into focus I know there is quite a bit turning the knob but nothing seems to happen.
When I turn the knob is the inner mirror supposed to move becau...


Here is a picture of ganymede seen through a 10" scope

Posted by Astrodob in Jupiters moons, 12 September 2014 · 1,020 views

Here is a picture of Ganymede seen through a 10" scope (NOTE THE PICTURE IS NOT MINE).
So here is some evidence that It might be possible...
I hope I really will see detail on Ganymede and the other moons.
Alas Jupiter is not in the sky so i will have to wait :)


Lodestar beginnings..

Posted by kerrylewis in kerrylewis' Blog, 11 September 2014 · 352 views

Finally began to see something after some helpful advice from a couple of forum members. My error was not setting the white levels etc in relation to the histogram. It's all new to me - except in terms of ordinary photography, so I was in the dark - literally. I now have 'live' images which are essential for alignment and focussing. Conditions were not g...


From: Cassiopeia Double night

Posted by MattJenko in Confusion, 07 September 2014 · 322 views

Source: Cassiopeia Double night


Blacken the Cursed Sun

Posted by rolpol in Explosions in the Sky, 30 August 2014 · 398 views

Blacken the Cursed Sun The story doesn't really start here, but I expect this is gong to be a common theme. It's cloudy.

It's cloudy because today I decided to get rid of the red dot finder that came with my baby telescope. It's cloudy because I stuck my Telrad finder on in its place, spent a good 15 minutes making sure it was calibrated properly, and spent a further 20 minute...

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