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From: Sgl - How To Use The Blogs

Posted by ant in SGL - how to do stuff., 07 June 2012 · 1,028 views

Hi All,

It'll take a little time to write all of these things up, but here is the first.

A guide to making an entry on your BLOG. Wasn't quite what I hoped adding content mid post, but I guess I still need to get...


Sagitta reached,time for a tile tool!!

Posted by crashtestdummy in crashtestdummy's Blog, 16 April 2014 · 99 views

So, after 40 hours of grinding I finally got down to my desired 12.5mm sagittal depth!!stage one complete and looks like a good curve.total time just over 55hours from starting!!


So it was time to make a tile tool ready for second stage grinding. Trip out to homebase to buy...


From: Hello from Essex, UK

Posted by Hoppity in Hoppity's Blog, 16 April 2014 · 60 views

Source: Hello from Essex, UK


Version 0.8 Beta available online

Posted by Paul81 in LodestarLive Development, 15 April 2014 · 71 views

Version 0.8 (beta) is now available to download from the Video Astronomy part of the forum:


The new version adds a few minor features and has some tweaks and bug fixes.

Work on live stacking is proceeding very well, I should be in a position to start running some end-to-e...


Grrrrrrrrrr !

Posted by Hawksmoor in Blog 19648, 01 April 2014 · 220 views

If it looks like a clear night, is cloud free like a clear night and you can see stars like on a clear night............ It probably isn't a clear night because there's just enough fog, mist or other agent of atmospheric mischief sufficient to prevent me obtaining a sharp avi-clip of Mars. It's 12.20am, the Council has been kind enough to extinguish the s...


A Flash of Light

Posted by Geryllax Vu in Geryllax Vu's Blog, 29 March 2014 · 339 views

I introduce a modification to my thought experiment; it will expand the use of the lantern as a light signal by the caboose observer. This modification will pull the platform observer into the midst of the experiment.

There is once again a train of length, L , moving at a constant velocity, v , along a level straight section of track on a windless day. A...


Sunday 23 March 2014

Posted by Langy in Langy's Blog, 26 March 2014 · 199 views

Another night of clear skies forecast for most of the night, however it was also forecast with some low temperatures around freezing point. With barely even seeing a star over the last week I was certainly determined to get out with all the gear and make the most of the night, even if it was work the following day.

The daylight is certainly starting to d...


High hopes

Posted by SarasotaSean in SarasotaSean's Blog, 25 March 2014 · 152 views

I have high hopes that I've made the right choice out of all the telescopes out there. The 16 Lightbridge arrives tomorrow, and I have to stay home to sign for it - ugh. Talk about giddy, it's like I'm 10 and it's Christmas eve... hours of back yard preparations - from trimming huge trees to putting down a patio slab, it is a sweet spot indeed. I h...


My god, it worked!

Posted by michaelmorris in Blogstronomy, 23 March 2014 · 211 views

This in the first in an undoubtedly infrequent series of ramblings from Michael Morris, unsuccessful amateur astronomer and prog rock fan.

I thought I start off with a success story of sorts (lap it up now as there won't be many of these!).

A couple of years ago my youngest daughter upgraded her old Windows Vista (spit ) laptop to a Macbook. The old lap...


R1.22 ATIKOSXDrivers ATIK One 6.0 support

Posted by NickK in Nick's blog, including AOSX (Astronomy on OSX), 21 March 2014 · 435 views

In time for some SGL star party usage!


A lot of water has passed under the bridge since 1.00, this latest release shows a real jump between 1.00 and now - it feels like a stepping stone. Perhaps a little bit of a pause after the 10.6.8 release considering some of my d...



Posted by chocoholicJ in chocoholicJ's Blog, 15 March 2014 · 235 views

We have a Star-Gazer reflective telescope with remote control but have not yet been able to get it to "slew" to focus on the stars/planets we have logged into the computer. We are very frustrated. We even enrolled in a beginners astronomy course but even the teacher (highly qualified) was unable to get the telescope to work. Can any one come and help u...


Which telescope

Posted by cnapton1981 in cnapton1981's Blog, 14 March 2014 · 251 views

Can any one give an honest opinion on the national geographic 90/900 refractor telescope please as i can not find any reviews anywhere ?


From: Help with getting started in Astro Photography

Posted by frosty in frosty's Blog, 13 March 2014 · 236 views

Thanks to everyone for your replies.
I am removing the camera lens and attaching the camera to my telescope via the T Ring and Barlow lens then lining up images ( the Moon) through my red dot finder scope.
I have just purchased a Synscan AZ-GOTO mount but have yet to set it up. Not even read the instructions yet (I believe this mount can track an object)....


decisions decisions

Posted by Gary170782 in Gary170782's Blog, 11 March 2014 · 121 views

Hi everyone

Im buying a new telescope on friday (payday) and as a noob I have been looking at a few scopes of low end buget but decent enough viewing. I have a limit of say 400 and have been looking at a nexstar 4se and the 130sl, I like these as they have got some good reviews and I love the go-to device as I used my friends scope without this feature...


My Aspiration for 2014

Posted by andymac1981 in A Beginers Diary, 10 March 2014 · 160 views

So 2014 is now well upon us and to help motivate myself I have decided to make a public list of the things I plan to try and observe during the coming year. As i progress I will try my best to keep this list updated wth any I have managed to observe and others that I come across that I plan to observe.If any one has any sugestions for a newbie or somethin...


Double shadow transit

Posted by BigMakStutov in Small refractor diaries, 10 March 2014 · 168 views
jupiter, tv76, televue, ethos and 1 more...

Just an example of a typical quick observing session for me, trying to fit it in around 'life'! I have a baby due in a couple of weeks so we are manically preparing the house and nursery for the arrival.

I set the TV76 and PST up in the garden early on Sunday morning, and during rests from painting skirting boards had some lovely white light and Ha view...


Crazy spending

Posted by Joseki in Joseki's Blog , 09 March 2014 · 396 views
credit card azeq6

Well they say start with the mount. - I got a AZ4 which I like and an Altair Astro 150 newt, which I also like.
I also got fed up with ATM and not having much luck finding things, so I applied and got a 0% interest card and just bought a AZEQ6. - so spending ratio of scope to mount is almost exactly 1:10. Crazy. - but good. - but not as nice as saving up...


Thanks DD

Posted by PaulCH in PaulCH's Blog, 07 March 2014 · 152 views

well there I have been sitting at home these last few nights seeing the clouds scudding across the sky, thinking that going out and setting up would be a waste of time and energy as I wont be able to see anything. Then I read DDs entry here and realise that it may not be perfect, but as i am coming from a base where i just look up at the sky with awe and...


Starting off the program

Posted by caters in My program in JavaScript related to stars, 04 March 2014 · 90 views

Here is the program I am basing this off of:

Here is my program with a few changes:

In this I in...


Apprentice Stargazer

Posted by Saganite in Saganite's Blog, 03 March 2014 · 154 views

Hi to everyone,

My first blog, and my chance to thank many of you, for during the past 12 months I have consulted these forums many, many times
for guidance in buying equipment. I settled on a Skywatcher Explorer 200p, and a Skywatcher Evostar 120, both sharing an EQ5,
with a selection of BST and Meade 4000 eyepieces, plus Celestron Ultima Barlow 2.5x, a...


Hi All - Star Image Sizes

Posted by Compositeman in Compositeman's Blog, 27 February 2014 · 256 views

Hi All - I've just taken up astro again after 30 years away doing physics. I hope I will be able to contribute to the lounge when I've had more experience in future. I'm mainly interested in equipment and astrophotography. Currently I have a Meade 4504 but am using the goto mount with a Canon 500D and various lenses to start.

I have a beginner's ques...

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