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From: Sgl - How To Use The Blogs

Posted by ant in SGL - how to do stuff., 07 June 2012 · 2,196 views

Hi All,

It'll take a little time to write all of these things up, but here is the first.

A guide to making an entry on your BLOG. Wasn't quite what I hoped adding content mid post, but I guess I still need to get...


Decisions Decisions. Or, what to buy.

Posted by GuyR in My Nexstar adventures, 27 August 2015 · 87 views

Well, you already know what I bought but it was a bit of a trek getting to the point where I made my final decision. All you have to do is have a quick read around SGL and you'll understand any telescope is a compromise. I'd not had much (if any) exposure to 'scopes other than my TAL-1 Newtonian. That is equatorially mounted with manual slow-mo controls....


To Which Reference Frame Does the Air Belong?

Posted by Geryllax Vu in Geryllax Vu's Blog, 22 August 2015 · 137 views

The question I want to ask is: can the following thought experiment detect absolute motion, or will it detect a sort of intermediary motion; which is neither absolute motion, nor absolute rest? This intermediary motion is like Einstein relative motion, but without using a Galilean or Lorentz transformation between reference frames. It comes about when s...


swallowing my pride

Posted by crashtestdummy in crashtestdummy's Blog, 22 August 2015 · 156 views

Well after what seems like 6 Months, about 30 hours polishing and 3 regrinding back to 400 grit I still can't seem to get rid of the astigmatism I have in the centre of my mirror.it was time to face facts that due to my lack of experience I could spend another 100 hours and end up with a too thin blank so I've left my mirror with John for him to machine i...


Stabilized videos of aircraft

Posted by GreatAttractor in GreatAttractor's Software, 02 August 2015 · 374 views

It turns out ImPPG 's image alignment (via phase correlation) function comes in handy when trying to capture a video of passenger aircraft at cruising altitudes. My rig for the experiment was a SW Newtonian 114/500 (hence the coma visible in asymmetric highlights) on AZ4 + PGR Chameleon 3 mono (ICX445) camera: 
Raw video looked e.g. like this...


Excitement mounts

Posted by Hawksmoor in Blog 19648, 24 July 2015 · 344 views

It's a very miserable afternoon in Lowestoft. It is raining and the sky is an unrelieved expanse of grey stretching from horizon to horizon. Early this morning the sky was clearer but not sufficiently devoid of cloud to permit the useful deployment of my 'scope. Due mainly to my overwhelming cheerfulness, I spent a happy pre-dawn hour with my 11x80mm bi...


Wide Field Ambitions . . . . . .

Posted by Nigeyboy in Toward First Light - And Beyond!, 21 July 2015 · 367 views

Hi all,  
So a quick blog today, just to keep things ticking over, and to keep track of my ideas etc – more for me to look back on more than anything else!  
Foot is a lot better now – I am getting around ok, and have even started a new fitness ‘regime’!! I have lost 6lbs in one week, by cutting out crisps and flapjacks, and doing 20 minutes...


New to Astronemy

Posted by TraderBoo in TraderBoo's Blog, 05 July 2015 · 432 views

Hi all relatively new to Astronomy I have a StarBlast 80mm from Orion without the Syn scan hand controller!!
Has anyone had any luck using Stellarium to drive the scope without the $420 hand controller??? :laugh:


Western Veil Nebula WIP

Posted by Robp in The Western Veil Nebula WIP report, 13 June 2015 · 624 views
130pds, veil nebula

So the last week was kind and I managed another couple of sessions under the stars.
The lack of dark nights has made this a labor of love indeed. I have gathered 5 hours for each Ha pane so I have managed one of my bonus goals. Total integration time so far is 17 Hours:
 I may not add any more data to this until the darker skies return :sa...


Sky watcher star travel 102 problems

Posted by Phil42 in Phil42's Blog, 07 June 2015 · 729 views

Hi guys , I have just purchased this telescope and it's the first one I have had. I know nothing about astronomy only I wanted to buy one to attach my Slr to it to get some good photos. I have seen the moon close up but I am having problems seeing any stars as when you look through the viewfinder nothing appears to be in line through the scope . There is...


Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious summer

Posted by Andy69 in Andy's Column, 27 May 2015 · 315 views

I originally wrote this one back in May last year and since it is time of the year relevant it make sense to post now. This one has a slightly nostalgic tinge to the usual mix of pop culture references and dubious facts wrapped around a vaguely astronomical theme.  
As we enjoy the longer days and the slightly warmer winter weather that here in the...


KRONOS 3T-65 parts

Posted by ToTo123 in ToTo123's Blog, 26 May 2015 · 395 views

Hi Everyone, 
Thank you for the warm welcome. As you can guess I'm new to this. I have just purchased a Kronos 3T- 65 telescope for very little money. I purchased it so my daughter could gaze at the skies at night as she has a few issues going out during the day. The telescope is in great condition but there is two items missing from the telescope. T...


Do we live in a black hole ?

Posted by Bert B in Bert B's Blog, 11 May 2015 · 492 views

I am told that a beam of light gets bent by the gravitational pull of our planet.

If so, the same beam of light will get bent every time it passes close to a celestial object.

As the beam of light travels through our galaxy and out into the universe, I imagine that it must constantly get bent by millions of objects.

As the beam of light gets further fr...


Imaging Jupiter

Posted by Investigate911 in Investigate911's Blog, 03 May 2015 · 556 views

Hello, I am relativley new to astrophotography , and I have a question. I'm using a n 8 inch Shmidt Cassegrain Celestron Telescope, with a 2x Barlow and a webcam. I tried removing the lens from the webcam exposing the chip, however it completly ruined the image, I would just get a big blur of light and shadow, so I put the lens back into the webcam, and b...


Barlow or telecentric amplifier - What's the difference?

Posted by russ.will in Musings from The Fen Edge, 29 March 2015 · 829 views

It's a question that comes up regularly, but what is the difference between a Barlow and a telecentric amplifier (TA), otherwise known as a Powermate, ES Focal Extender. Meade Telextender, Bresser SA Barlow, etc? A telecentric amplifier does give a 2x magnification, just like a Barlow but that's where the similarity ends.

A Barlow is a negative double...


Dark matter and dark energy source

Posted by ngc6872 in ngc6872's Blog, 22 March 2015 · 836 views

I would propose the material currently missing from our universe was all there at the Big Bang moment but over the billions of years much has radiated off into the void. Every star,pulsar,quasar and black hole radiate out, from birth, their contents over time. Some of the material would be retained but much would be lost especially at the outer fringe of...


EQ5 Upgrade

Posted by IenAABQDVmk32Xq in IenAABQDVmk32Xq's Blog, 14 March 2015 · 757 views

Hi. I have a Star-watcher 200P scope on a EQ5 Mount. Is it easy to upgrade it using a SynScan Go-To Upgrade kit for standard EQ5? If so please could you give me some tips to help?



Posted by AaronLPK in Help plz, 09 March 2015 · 788 views

Hi, i just bought a skywatcher explorer 200p and yesterday when i went out side to have a look, i would look through and see a bright circle with the front spikes in.
what do i do to fix this???


R1.45 Drivers released (including update for OpenPHD with settings window)

Posted by NickK in Nick's blog, including AOSX (Astronomy on OSX), 24 February 2015 · 677 views

OpenPHD has the new settings window which allows FTDIChipIds to be added/altered. The settings are persistent - camera options per profile, FTDI chipids are global.



Thursday 19 February 2015

Posted by Langy in Langy's Blog, 20 February 2015 · 465 views

It's been quite a few months now since I've been out for any serious sessions with the Telescope. However the bad habit of smoking does get me outside on a regular basis where naked eye observing was regularly taking place during those months.

My latest purchase is a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. Working in IT and having a love of gadgets the camera has opened up...


29/01/2015 - 30/01/2015 New toy day - laser alignment tool.

Posted by jefrs in jefrs' Blog, 30 January 2015 · 664 views
alignment, laser, 130slt

29/01/2015 - 30/01/2015 New toy day - laser alignment tool. I thought the 130SLT was working pretty well until I checked the collimation: way out. There should be a warning that your new scope will be off focus until a laser alignment tool is used and the collimation corrected. So that done I got the scope outside only to have the batteries die. Then I fo...

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